Yu~ki was the bassist for Malice Mizer. Yu~ki, along with Mana, and Közi were the only three who stayed with the band from its inception to its hiatus in 2001. Yu~ki only wrote one song in the Malice Mizer catalog, Syunikiss. Since the beginning of the hiatus Yu~ki has not started a solo project or joined another band. He did however write the lyrics for Közi's song Memento.



August 8th
Fukuoka, Japan
Band History
Ze:ro ????-1992
Malice Mizer 8/1992 - 12/2001

Early LifeEdit

Yu~ki was born in Fukuoka, Japan. In his youth he enjoyed Bruce Lee movies and pop music. He said he ran around town with his friends and climbed buildings. He was also good at making things, making himself a pair of nunchucks. In Malice Mizer's early days he made a coffin they used on stage.

He took up bass when he entered high school (which in america would be 10th grade). He said they really just made a lot of noise and weren't too serious at first. They got the police called on they more than once. He moved to Tokyo with the band's drummer. He was approched after Ze:ro's last performance by Mana to join Malice Mizer. He later said his first impression of them was that they were really weird.

Malice Mizer and other projectsEdit

In Malice Mizer he often played "The Count" or any manly role. His "colors" were orange and yellow. Yu~ki only wrote one song for Malice Mizer, Syunikiss, off of Merveilles. Other than that he was largely quiet in the direction of the band, like Kami. When Tetsu left and they had an extended period with no vocalist the other members asked him to take over that spot (he refused). He also played the double, fretless, and 5-stringed basses for the band.

After Malice Mizer Yu~Ki dropped out of public view. His only musical endevor after the hiatus was writing the lyrics to both versions of his song Memento. Mana stated that he, Közi, and Yu~Ki have been in contact recently. It was stated on Mana's blog that Yu~Ki will make a small apperence in the Deep Sanctuary II tour of Moi Dix Mois. Közi and Mana have preformed on stage together, and Yu~ki said in a conversation with Klaha that he wanted to return to music.

Personal LifeEdit

Yu~ki is described as serious and straightforward. He doesn't like gambling, alcohol, or tobacco (he did however take up smoking after the death of Kami). He claims he likes to try new things.

His favorite food is chocolate, he says he eats it first thing every morning. He also likes women a lot, he said if he was to have a TV show it would be "Love Attack 88: Yu~ki vs. 88 Beautiful Women"